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01-Introduction To DBMS-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

02-Properties Of DataBase Part-1-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

03-Properties Of DataBase Part-2-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

04-Various Views Of Data-Data Abstraction-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

05-Various Views Of Data-Instance & Schema-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

06-OverView Of Data Models-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

07-OverView Of Data Models-Entity Relationship Model- DBMS.pdf

08-OverView Of Data Models-Relational Data Model-DBMS.pdf

09-OverView Of Data Models-Object Oriented Data MOdel-DBMS.pdf

10-OverView Of Data Models-Hierarchical Data MOdel-DBMS.pdf

11-OverView Of Data Models-Network Data Model-DBMS.pdf

12-OverView Of Data Models-Comparison Of Data Model.pdf

13-Data Languages- Data Definition Languages-1- DBMS.pdf

14-Data Languages- Data Definition Languages-2- DBMS.pdf

15-Data Languages- Data Manipulation Language.pdf

16-Responsibilities Of DataBase Administrator- DBMS.pdf

17-Three Tier Architecture - DBMS Tutorials- DBMS.pdf

18-Introduction To Client-Server Architecture - DBMS Tutorials.pdf

19-Entity Relationship Model-Introduction- DBMS Tutorials.pdf

20- Entity Relationship Data Model-Entity Sets & Attributes- DBMS.pdf

21-Entity-Relationship Data Model- Categories of Attributes- DBMS.pdf

22-Entity-Relationship Data Model- Relationship Sets- DBMS.pdf

23-Entity-Relationship Data Model- Constraints-Mapping Cardinalities- DBMS.pdf

24-Entity-Relationship Data Model-Data Integrity & Keys.pdf

25-Entity-Relationship Data Model-RelationShip Sets Keys- DBMS Tutorials.pdf

26-Entity-Relationship Data Model-Entity-RelationShip Diagram.pdf

27-Entity-Relationship Data Model-Entity-E-R- Diagram to Tables -Rules for Reduction.pdf

28-Entity-Relationship Data Model- Cnverting Relation(1-many).pdf

29-ER Data Model-Entity-E-R-Converting Relationship(M to M)-DBMS.pdf

30-File Organisation-File And Its Logical Structure-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

31-File Organisation-File Organisation Of Fixed Length Records-DBMS.pdf

32-File Organisation-File Organisation Of Variable Length Records.pdf

33-File Organisation-Objectives Of File Organisation-DBMS.pdf

34-File Organisation-Sequential File Organisation- DBMS.pdf

35-File Organisation-Indexing-Introduction-DBMS Tutorials.pdf

36-File Organisation-Indexing-Index Sequential File Organization.pdf

37-File Organisation-Indexing-Sparse Index- DBMS.pdf

38-File Organisation-Indexing-Multi level indices -DBMS Tutorials.pdf

39-File Organisation-Indexing-Secondary Index -DBMS Tutorials.pdf

40-File Organisation-Indexing-Hash file Organization -DBMS.pdf

41-File Organisation-Indexing-Hash file Organization.pdf

42-File Organisation-Indexing-Hash file Organization -Hash Indices-DBMS.pdf